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"The Lord makes firm the steps of the one who delights in him" - Psalm 37:23


Patriot-St. Denis Towing

Immediate Crash Recovery Response

Rest assured that Patriot-St. Denis Towing will be there for you to help with vehicle recovery after being involved in an accident. If you have been in a crash, call the police and then call us. We will be at your location within 20 minutes for cleanup services and to take care of your vehicle. 

Catering to Your Needs

Our licensed, bonded and insured workers will take proper care of your vehicle after an accident. After we tow your automobile, we will store it securely until you are ready to assess the damage. Call us today to receive a FREE quote regarding our services!
Wreck Master Certified Technicians
Make sure you ask the officer on the scene to request Patriot-St. Denis Towing to handle your vehicle. Call us today to learn more.


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